Sunlight Blogger Round-up: Exposed overpaid government employees and more…


This week’s round-up highlights some major issues affecting state transparency from the East Coast to the Pacific. Here is a quick look at the topics that made news:

  • Residents of Santa Ana City are concerned about the closed-door meetings held by their city council. CalAware Today reports here that these closed sessions critically prevent public comment.
  • Incoming Honolulu city mayor, Peter Carlisle will have a tough challenge in attempting to enforce a citywide public disclosure of rail contracts. As Ian Lind of the blogs, the city needs some help getting its transparent policies in line with its actions.
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  • Tammy

    The problem you wrote about is everywhere. Go to your local DMV or take a closer look at your local law enforcement officers in the donuts shop – these people are paid upward of $60K-$100K a year plus huge retirement compensation. I dare you to look into the defense spending and see how bloated they are with people doing nothing. Take a peep at NAVAIR, NAVSEA, and NAVFAC (all Navy facilities), which have been hiring large amount of engineers that couldn’t figure out how to get their head out of their ass. These so call JP or junior professional come mostly from wanna be engineering school liked CSU Northridge, CSU Channel Island, CSU Fresno, U of Hawaii and whatever school you can think of that rank at the bottom in engineering study. Next time you visit your local government agency, see how many fat asses work in that facility. Those are the fat asses that sit on their ass all day stuffing their faces with twinky and pretend to be doing work. If we want to bring down our deficit, we need to remove these wasted unqualified people out of our government. We don’t need 5 monkeys to do 1 monkey work. The system is broken and Obama needs to look deep into this. But I’m sure he will not do anything about it, because no politician dares risking their neck to improve the country. It’s better for them to lie and let the dummies among us believe that the US financial crisis is improving. Spilling the lies about reduction in unemployment rate, when very small amount of small businesses did any hiring. Seriously people, look at the example below and tell me how unemployment is improving.

    10 out of 100 people are out of work, that’s 10% unemployment. Then 1 person got a job, which drops the unemployment rate down to 9%. But the government claims that unemployment rate is actually 8%, and the reason for that is 2 people are no longer claiming the unemployment benefit. Well that 1 other person happen to be on unemployment for so long that she no longer qualify, thus is then remove from the system. That person is now out on her luck and is now moving from one homeless shelter to the next, but what the heck! Unemployment is down 2 freaking percents. Now replace that 10 people with 4 million people and take a quick calculation to see how many people are now moving from homeless shelter to the next. The number is 40,000!!!! some odd people are now out of their house and living on the street. When a single income mom ended up on the street, their children are also on the street with them. Now what kind of problem do you think we have. No politicians care about this. Nobody talks about this. It doesn’t make good rating and don’t get them new vote. But you, the tax payers will continue to suffer. So all you fat selfish greedy government employees that continue to strike, rally, and wasting my tax money, you better think about how much work you actually do for your country. You ain’t worth it!!!! We don’t need to be paying these people to sit on their fat a$$.