Editor’s note: Tracking another Super PAC


Michael Dubke gets around. He's a partner at Crossroads Media, LLC, which buys airtime for political ads for Super PACs and candidates. He "exercises control" (the Federal Election Commission term) over Partnership for America's Future, which buys ads from Crossroads Media. He founded Americans for Job Security, which also buys ads from Crossroads Media. Another Crossroads Media client is Alliance for America's Future, run by Mary Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Richard Cheney. Cheney's former political director, Kara Ahern,  works for Alliance for America's Future, filing its disclosures with the FEC. She's also custodian and assistant treasurer for Partnership for America's Future. Her boss there, treasurer Barry Bennett, is a director of Alliance for America's Future. 

Oh yeah, and they run political ads too.

Aaron Bycoffe uncovered all this; you can read about it here. My latest effort to unravel it all is below.


Tracking another Super PAC