More cash spent on attack ads than ones supporting candidates


When all the independent influence is added up, Republicans have a $21 million advantage so far over Democrats, a review of Federal Election Commission data shows.

Outside spending is through the roof in the 2010 mid-term elections, as non-profits, party committees and labor unions spend tens of millions of dollars trying to sway voters. 

Republican party committees and their right-leaning allies have spent more than $80 million in opposition to Democratic candidates and another $23 million boosting GOP standard bearers. Democratic Party Committees and left-leaning organizations have spent more than $62 million trying to defeat Republicans, and a little less than $20 million supporting their own candidates.

Here's a quick breakdown of the aggregate spending by outside groups showing Party affiliations of candidates they supported or opposed as filed with the FEC.

Party Amount Support/Oppose
Republican $23,276,668.65 Support
Republican $62,857,485.41 Opposed
Independent $917,351.41 Opposed
Democratic $19,934,943.29 Support
Democratic $80,292,350.98 Opposed
Third Party $787,882.19 Support
Third Party $825,018.56 Opposed