Daily Disclosures


A roundup of what we’re noticing in the Reporting Group as we dig into government data and disclosures:

Dark money: Of the 202 outside organizations spending money to influence the 2010 mid-term elections, just 93 of them have disclosed donors to Federal Election Commission. Some of the organizations may be disclosing donor information to the Internal Revenue Service. Keep checking the Reporting Group website for further details.

Labor tiring? National Republican Congressional Committee has made the most independent expenditures ($34.3 million) followed by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ($25 million), the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ($20.3 million) and two Super PACs — American Crossroads ($12.8 million) and American Future Fund ($12.1 million). When we started Daily Disclosures on Oct. 5, the top five were the NRCC, the DSCC, Service Employees International Union, DCCC and American Crossroads.

Mistaken identity? Alaskans Standing Together, a Super PAC funded by federal contractors supporting Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in bid to remain in office, lists Lisa Murkowski as the person certifying that the group isn’t working with Lisa Murkowski. Details here.

Be sure to check out our Follow the Unlimited Money tool–updated hourly!–to get all the latest info on outside groups.

Bag men: Financial services conglomerate FMR bundled $43,675 in contributions to Finanancial Services Committee chair Barney Frank, D-Mass. Stan Dodge of the Dish Network ($65,900), Philip English of Arent Fox LLP ($22,000), Michael Herson of American Defense International Inc. ($25,000), Bob Wood of BGR Government Affairs ($62,000) and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association PAC ($30,000) all bundled to the National Republican Congressional Committee. Rep. Michele Bachmann discloses that pro-life SBA List Candidate Fund bundled $23,815.10. They’re a PAC that’s also making independent expenditures.

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