Right-leaning outside groups outspending opposition by $40.8 million


Republican-leaning Super PACs and non-party political organizations have reported spending $40.8 million more on mid-term elections than those supporting Democrats, an analysis of Federal Election Commission data shows. 

Overall, there are 202 organizations spending money to influence the 2010 mid-terms, of which only 93 have disclosed their donors to the Federal Election Commission so far. Additional groups may disclose donors later this week, and some organizations known as 527 committees after the section of the tax code under which they are organized might disclose their donors to the Internal Revenue Service.

The top spenders are three party committees–the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, followed by two Super PACs–American Crossroads and American Future Fund.

Most of the money is being spent to oppose candidates. Groups opposing Democratic candidates, for example, have reported spending nearly $100 million, including $20 million over the last weekend.

Including party committees, Republican-leaning groups still outspend Democratic-leaning groups by $37.6 million.

The new tallies show:

Party Total Amount Non-Party Committees Party Committees Support/Oppose
Republicans $25,014,267.74 $24,666,179.92 $348,087.82 Support
Republicans $65,507,291.14 $21,840,344.01 $43,666,947.13 Oppose
Independent $917,361.41 $917,361.41 $0 Oppose
Democrats $21,465,437.36 $20,078,527.88 $1,386,909.48 Support
Democrats $99,638,602.96 $58,063,220.19 $41,575,382.77 Oppose
Third Party $787,882.19 $787,882.19 $0 Support
Third Party $825,018.56 $528,505.26 $296,513.30 Oppose
Totals $214,155,861.40 $126,882,020.90 $87,273,840.50