Republican leaning groups spend heavily on Nevada Senate race


The Nevada Senate toss-up between Majority Leader Harry Reid and Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle is one of the races which has seen close to $10 milion spent by outside groups to influence voters. The stakes are high and the ads are scathing. So far, the spending is skewed in favor of Angle where Republican-leaning groups have spent over $7.8 million, according to data reported to the Federal Election Commission.

The groups that are weighing in on the Nevada battle are big spending conservative-leaning groups including American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS that are part of this "hydra of independent groups" that fuel the Republican side. American Crossroads, the heavy-hitting group purchased $124,000 worth of printed mailers to support Sharron Angle spending over a million dollars on print, online and TV advertisement. Crossroads GPS has spent two million dollars so far on TV attack ads against Reid. Another 527, Send Harry Packing, that has Mary Cheney as their President has spent a modest $20,000 so far.

Citizens United, the group that started the "Super PACs" movement has also weighed in on the Nevada Senate race, spending $558,500.

In another ad campaign, Latinos in the state are encouraged not to vote in the upcoming mid-term elections by the ad “no votes”. NPR reported that the ad, funded by Latinos for Reform, was scheduled to run on Univision but the network rejected the commercial. This committee doesn't appear on FEC records so far. Latinos for Reform is a 527 group, and by regulation are not allowed to explicitly state who they support or oppose in their ads.