Outside spending totaled in real time


As of this writing, Super PACs, labor unions and political nonprofits have reported spending a hefty $336.5 million to the Federal Election Commission. Outside spending is coming in so fast though that that number will be obsolete–which is why we’ve added a handy overview page that provides up to the hour totals from our Follow the Unlimited Money tool.

We also list the latest big spenders (like the $500,000 that the NEA Advocacy Fund just reported spending against Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey), charts that list the breakdown of outside spending in support of or in opposition to candidates, as well as the current top 5 largest committee spenders, races and candidates receiving outside money. These rankings are updated daily.

See the latest spending totals, follow the latest outside spending, check for new Super PACS or see which races are the the focus of the most spending.