Dems narrow the outside spending margin


Ten days before the mid-term elections, and left leaning outside groups still lag behind their conservative counterparts, and are being outspent by $43 million. But spending by the two Democratic party committees–the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee–have narrowed the gap, leaving them $23 million behind all Republican spending. Just five days ago, Democrats trailed overall by $37.6 million. 

In all, outside groups including party committees have spent more than $322 million, dwarfing independent spending in 2006 which totaled $68 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. A larger percentage of the spending is in the form of independent expenditures – which require organizations to identify specific candidates they support or oppose.

In the past five days alone, outside groups have spent more then $20 million for everything from running ads to fliers and phone banks on some of the tight Senate races including the Nevada race between Minority Leader Harry Reid and Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle which has seen as much as $10 million in outside spending so far.

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