Operation Transbearency: Coming to a Rally for Sanity Near You


This week, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is filming on location in Washington, DC in anticipation of Stewart (and Colbert’s) upcoming event: the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Although Sunlight has no beef with Jon, our crack team of Transbearency bears decided to show our pride in open government and grizzlies by reeking havoc* on the crowd waiting outside to tell the world that we mean business.

What business do we mean? Well, let’s just say that if you end up on the National Mall this Saturday (between 11AM and 3PM), you’ll see. Be on the look out for the Transbearency team or, if you’re really brave, join us by dressing as a bear — a bear for a more bearable, open government.

(P.S. Want to meet up with Sunlighters but afraid of bears? Come to our happy hour after the rally at the Iron Horse Tap Room!)

* Where “havoc” is defined as tasty treats, awesome stickers, and the harriest of handshakes.