Daily Disclosures


A roundup of what we’re noticing in the Reporting Group as we dig into government data and disclosures:

Winding down? Biggest spender among outside groups in the last five days? The Republican Party of Michigan, at $1.26 million. Biggest spender among non-party committees? American Crossroads, at $766,000. Total spent? More than $443 million. Will independent expenditure reports shoot up as outside groups pay for last minute ads, fund get out the vote efforts and engage in other political activity? Stay tuned….

New Super PAC: Just five days before the election, the Let Freedom Ring PAC sends notice to the Federal Election Commission of its intent to accept unlimited funds from any source. They’ve already spent more than $187,000, most of it on television ads opposing Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Be sure to check out our Follow the Unlimited Money tool–updated hourly!–to get all the latest info on outside groups.

Update from Sunlight CAM: Americans United for Safer Streets runs ad against Keith Fimian, Republican candidate opposing Rep. Gerry Connolly in Virginia’s 11th district. Diclosure information is here.

Lobby watch: Progressive Solutions LLC, in the herbicide brush clearing business, hires Alcade and Fay to lobby on a rulemaking by Dept. of Labor on methodology for determining wages for H-2B temporary non-agricultural workers.

Daily Poligraft: The New York Times looks at the Alaska Senate race. Original here.

Bonus Poligraft: National Enquirer’s owner to declare bankruptcy.