LIVE BLOG: Rep. Rangel Sanctions Hearing


Rep. Charles Rangel’s fate inches closer to conclusion today as the House Ethics committee meets to discuss what set of sanctions on Rep. Rangel they will recommend to the full House of Representatives. We’ll be live blogging the event below.

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  • Ricpent

    I happened to notice the word ” climate!” I have one thing to say, climate doesn’t begin to justify his harsh sentence when the Republicans have committed the most egregious behavior I’ve ever seen! The Nazi Koch Brothers/Tea Party! “The Tea Party…the Rich get Richer…and the Poor Cheer Them on!” Quote by Michael Snyder. And what about The Fox Republican News Network? The Bush White House and Karl Rove! You guys are nowhere around when you’re needed! The American middle class was sold out by Bush! See, “Uncounted| The New Math of American Elections.” Or how about, “Outfoxed:Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.” You are wasting your time on Rangel, and America is going down for the count! Good move guys. Keep on protecting America the way you have, and it will be no more!