What to expect with Rangel


Since the C-Span archives only go back to 1987 the best example that I can provide is the 1990 debate on the floor of the House over reprimanding Rep. Barney Frank.

Despite the ethics committee report recommending a reprimand for Frank, Rep. William Dannemeyer introduced a resolution to expel Frank. With Dannemeyer’s resolution failing, Rep. Newt Gingrich shows up at the end of the debate to offer a motion to recommit with instructions to censure Rep. Frank instead of reprimand.

I would expect some activity like this to occur during the debate over a censure of Rep. Charlie Rangel. A Republican may offer a resolution to expel instead of censure and, more likely, a Democrat, likely a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, will offer a resolution or a motion to recommit to reprimand Rep. Rangel instead of censuring him.