Post-Congress Careers: Bob Bennett


The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney had an amusing and mostly accurate run-down on where the retiring and defeated senators of 2010 will wind up in the future. One of his predictions was that Sen. Bob Bennett, defeated in a Republican primary, will end up as an earmark lobbyist. This one is coming close to being true:

Outgoing Sen. Bob Bennett will launch the Bennett Consulting Group on Jan. 6, the day after the Senators of the 112th Congress will be sworn in, according to Tim Stewart, a former staffer who will join the venture.

While Bennett will be barred from lobbying for two years, his partner Stewart will not. Stewart is already a lobbyist for firms seeking earmarks in Congress.

Some of Stewart’s clients receiving earmarks include the Cache Valley Transit District, City of Logan, UT, Kaysville City, Syracuse City, UT and the University of Utah. Many of these earmarks were provided by Sen. Bennett.

Stewart also helped Bennett raise money for his final reelection bid. Party Time shows two fundraisers for Bennett that were hosted by Stewart. You can view them here.

Bennett just voted today against a ban on earmarks.

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  • DJ

    Soon-to-be-former Senator Bennett was shown the door and now we need to oust Senator Hatch. I am convinced that Hatch only voted against earmarks today because he smelled blood in the water and discovered it was his own.

    Senator Bennett ran on a platform of 2-terms and out; and then discovered that Utah could not live without him and broke his pledge. Senator Hatch ran a campaign against an incumbent that he claimed had been in Washington too long. He was right and now he has become exactly what he campaigned against. Bring him home and let him spend more time with his family.