Duo of Republican groups raised $70 million during midterm


The Washington Post has the total amount that was raised by American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS during the 2010 midterms:

A pair of conservative groups founded with the help of Republican political guru Karl Rove raised more than $70 million since their inception last spring, making them the undisputed leaders of an onslaught of outside spending on 2010 House and Senate races, according to new disclosures Thursday.

American Crossroads, a “super PAC” that can raise and spend as much money as it wants, took in nearly $28 million in donations, weighted heavily with large contributions from financiers, oil tycoons and other wealthy individuals, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Spokesman Jonathan Collegio also said Thursday that a sister group, Crossroads GPS, took in about $43 million this year. Because it is organized as a nonprofit, the second group does not have to reveal its donors.

You can use our database to search through all the races where they spent their money in the midterm elections.