Indecent Disclosure: Success!


Last week, we challenged those of you who support open government and who live remotely in the DC area to come out and party with us — for the sake of transparency. Many of you heeded the call, and we’re so grateful that you did! Our fundraiser, dubbed “Indecent Disclosure,” was not only a fantastic evening of chatting, nerdiness, and grooving (to local artists Constant Alarm), it was also a success. Sure, we still haven’t made our goal of 1500 new donors by the end of 2010 — so there’s still plenty of time (a whole two weeks!) to guilt relatives into giving a $1 for a cause you support this holiday! — but now we’re almost there.

Check out the beautiful crowd!

…And the beautiful band!

We weren’t the only ones who got something out of last Thursday. Our two super awesome raffle winners, Mario Flores and Tomas Moreno, scored some gift cards to Amazon and Apple thanks to the wonderful power of Chance.

Mario Flores! Tomas Moreno! Applause!

It means a lot to us that so many of you are willing to take your passion for a web-smart, open government not only offline but out with you wherever you go. Thanks to those of you who were able to join us in person and the many of you who joined us in spirit.

As an update, we’re now less than 150 donors away from hitting our goal! If you weren’t able to join us last Thursday — or even if you were — you can help us reach that goal and (fashionably) show your support for transparency out and about town: If you contribute $10 or more, you’ll receive some shiny new transparency-themed swag. Just go to to check it out and contribute.