The Proposed House Rules Package for the 112th Congress


House Republicans have published their proposed rules package for the 112th Congress here. It includes the bill that would instantiate the new rules [PDF] and a section-by-section analysis. It’s worth noting that the rules package largely adopts the 111th House’s rules, but with a 33-page list of alterations that make some important changes.  It would be helpful to have a redline version of the 111th House Rules to show how they would be changed.

House Republicans are expected to consider the proposed rules at a meeting on January 4th, where the proposal could change further if the conference adopts amendments. On January 5th, the whole House will vote on whether to adopt these rules or an alternative.

The House Rules for the 111th Congress are available here, but in an unwieldy PDF format. Sunlight’s recommendations for updating the House rules are here.