Senate Startup Roundup


The 112th Congress is about to formally begin, and the Senate may face a number of procedural questions at its start.

In addition to filibuster reform, the Senate Rules reforms are about the nature of majority power in the Senate, and whether one Congress can bind a future Congress. The New York Times ran an editorial today that summarizes the filibuster reform issues succinctly.

Kagro X on Daily Kos is also well worth following here — the depth of his coverage of congressional procedures is unparalleled.

For the mother lode of substance on filibuster reform, check out this transcript of a Senate Rules Committee hearing from last year. It’s often heated, partisan, and entertaining.

While procedural reform isn’t necessarily a transparency issue, the partisan fights and configurations of power that they create form the backdrop for public access. We’ll be watching closely to see how things change in the Senate.