Congressman sends out lobbying cheat sheet


Roll Call reports that Rep. Pete Sessions, already in trouble for missing his swearing-in to attend a possibly rule-breaking fundraiser, sent an office cheat sheet to constituents and lobbyists:

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions is used to hitting up K Street for campaign contributions, but now the Texas Republican is making it a little easier for lobbyists to contact his Congressional office.

Sessions recently sent a two-page letter on official Congressional letterhead to constituents and lobbyists featuring an updated contact list of his staffers, including phone numbers and issues those aides cover.

One Republican lobbyist who received the letter said it was the “first” he’d received from a Member.

“This sure makes lobbying a lot easier,” the lobbyist said.

It sure does.

It would be more acceptable, and transparent, for members to post this information to their official web sites so as not to use it as exclusive gift, as Sessions is doing here.