We Have a Winner: Contributor Raffle Update


Last October we announced that to celebrate our 100th project on GitHub we’d be giving away a prize to one lucky contributor.

Earlier this week we drew the names from all of those who were eligible and entered and Brandon Lewis was drawn as the winner.

Brandon has been an incredibly active contributor to the Open State Project, where he has contributed code to scrape an amazing amount of Arizona’s legislative data. Brandon works as a carpenter but stumbled upon the Open State Project by way of a search for a state-equivalent to govtrack.us. Seeing that Arizona was not yet included in the project, he got to work, picking things up as he went along and contributing an extremely solid scraper for Arizona that we expect to go live later this quarter. Brandon’s story is the perfect example of what we hope to enable, a single citizen helping to make their government a bit more transparent and accessible.

As I mentioned in a previous post we had a ton of great contributions this year, and I wish we could reward all of our amazing contributors with something more than the heartfelt thanks of everyone here.

We’ll most likely look at more ways to reward contributors in the future, so stay tuned for more opportunities.