Tools for Transparency: Guest Blogger Roundup


Over the past two months we’ve had a series of guest bloggers offering insight to the work they’re doing, the tools they’re using and important trends they’ve identified in the transparency movement.

12/2 – Tools for Transparency: GovSM by Josh Shpayher

GovSMJosh Shpayher talks about the importance of social media in transparency and it’s use by our government and elected officials., which he founded, is one of the best tools for keeping track of government and political social media use.

12/15 – Tools for Transparency…Are Delicious by Jed Sundwall

DeliciousJed Sunwall highlights the power of social bookmarking service and its uses for the transparency movement.

12/23 – Tools for Transparency: Open Atrium by Joshua Gay

Open AtriumJoshua Gay talks about Open Atrium’s feature set and how the powerful tool could help the Sunlight Foundation and the fight for transparency.

1/6 – Tools for Transparency: Google Refine by Rebekah Heacock

Google RefineRebekah Heacock describes how Google Refine works and aids in cleaning up data sets, which is incredibly helpful for curating clean and presentable data.

1/14 – Tools for Transparency: A Look from Abroad – Transparency Tools in Latin America by Mario Roset and Rosario Gonzalez Morón

Mario Roset and Rosario Gonzalez Morón describe transparency and open government initiatives happening around Latin America.

1/27 – Tools for Transparency: Super PAC Sleuthing with Reddit by Erik Martin

Reddit alienErik Martin describes the partnership between Reddit and the Sunlight Foundation for the Super PAC Sleuth project and crowdsourcing investigative work.