Egypt’s Washington Lobbying Operation Continues


On February 2, 2011, in the midst of the revolution in Egypt, the PLM Group, filed a disclosure report with the Department of Justice noting their continued lobbying contract with the government of Egypt. The report notes that, while PLM holds the lobbying contract for Egypt, the three lobbying firms that make up PLM handle the filing independently. Those firms are The Podesta Group, The Livingston Group, and The Moffett Group. (The report also lists a firm called Vanguard Government Services, which is not registered as a foreign agent, but is run by two lobbyists from The Livingston Group.)

So far, Podesta and Livingston have filed new disclosure reports detailing their lobbying work up through the end of last year. This includes efforts to influence the Senate’s work on a resolution supporting human rights in Egypt.

We’ll have more on these new reports tomorrow.