Come Work Here!


One of the few downsides to working with incredibly talented people is that other folks are constantly trying to hire them away. Worse, sometimes they even succeed! This has just happened, in fact. But while we’re very sorry to have lost Josh and Kevin to (some admittedly amazing) new opportunities, there is a bright side: the chance to bring some new brilliant technologists into the Labs fold.

So! Please direct your attention to our jobs page. There you’ll find two listings for developers in our Washington, D.C. offices. We’re looking for someone to lend a hand on the Subsidyscope project, and another dev to serve as a jack/jill-of-all-trades working on a variety of technical projects. But while one of the two positions will have a specific project responsibility, prospective candidates should understand that all labs members have the opportunity and obligation to work on a variety of different things.

Who should apply? More than anything, we’re looking for people who are passionate about improving our government, excited about technology’s capacity for doing so, and who are interested in digging into some genuinely tough problems. You can find some of the specific technologies we use in the job descriptions, but if you’re a smart, creative technologist, don’t let, say, a background with Couch instead of Mongo dissuade you from applying.

It really is a pretty great place to work. The compensation’s competitive, the work environment’s relaxed, and the opportunities for doing exciting, important work are tremendous.