django-mediasync 2.1 for Django 1.3


Earlier today we released django-mediasync 2.1 in anticipation of Django’s upcoming 1.3 release. The Django 1.3 RC was released last night so the final version should be coming any day now. This release changes the way static files are handled and breaks previous versions of mediasync. The old MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT settings are now meant to handle media uploaded by users while two new settings, STATIC_URL and STATIC_ROOT, handle static site content.

Mediasync will first try to use STATIC_* settings and fall back to MEDIA_* if not found. This ensures that mediasync will work regardless of the version of Django being used.

Find the package on PyPI and the source on GitHub. And as always, if you use mediasync please indicate it on Django Packages.