New Super PAC: Stop Public Unions Now


A new Super PAC has launched with the very timely name Stop Public Unions Now. This political committee launches as Republican governors across the country launch broadsides against public employee unions, often meeting with powerful reactions from unions and negative reactions from the public.

The new PAC has ties to one of those governors. Oxford Communications CEO William O. Black is listed as Treasurer of Stop Public Unions Now and the direct market agency has touted its work for Governor John Kasich’s 2010 campaign.

Kasich, along with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, have led the way for governors going after public employee unions. Kasich has proposed limiting public employee unions collective bargaining rights to only cover wages. This has provoked a sharp reaction from the unions and the public. Kasich’s poll numbers have plummeted and the public now says they would support former Governor Ted Strickland, defeated by Kasich, by a fifteen point margin. In Wisconsin, Walker has also seen his public standing fall after his very public battle with the state’s public employee unions and Democratic senators.

Oxford Communications has operated as treasurer for numerous political action committees over the years. They have also provided services for a number of campaigns, many of which are in Ohio.

The creation of this PAC may be to bring some money into the PR battle. The PAC will be able to raise unlimited funds under the SpeechNow clause.

Super PACs were created after the vs. FEC court ruling expanded on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling by allowing political action committees to raise unlimited funds provided that they only spend that money on political activities.