Senator Carper Writes To Vivek Kundra About E-Gov Cut Implications


Calling the cuts to the e-gov fund potentially “penny-wise and pound-foolish,” Delaware Senator Tom Carper wrote yesterday to federal CIO Vivek Kundra about the effects of the cuts and how the administration intends to cope.

I remain concerned with how the new lower funding level for the E-Gov Fund might not only impede the progress made thus far to make government open and transparent, but also harm efforts to cut wasteful and duplicative spending in the federal government.

He asked Mr. Kundra provide two key pieces of information:

I hope you can provide greater information about what specific efforts paid for by the E-Gov Fund will be affected by these cuts. In addition, I hope that you can provide information about how your office intends to maximize the funding available or use other available agency funding to pay for some of these initiatives and how our subcommittee can help.

The letter follows-up on Senator Carper’s question at a recent hearing about the effects of the cuts. The Senator’s continued involvement on this crucial issue provides hope to supporters of government openness and transparency. Sen. Carper is the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs subcommittee responsible for overseeing federal financial management, government information, federal services, and international security.

Letter From Senator Carper to Vivek Kundra about the E-Gov Fund