Tools for Transparency: Leveraging Game Mechanics with DailyFeats


DailyFeats logoDailyFeats takes the idea of “checking in” and turns it into a vehicle for accomplishing good deeds. Leveraging game mechanics and the good work you’re doing on a daily basis, the platform helps you collect points, meet like minded people and earn real world rewards for your good deeds.

DailyFeats works by allowing you to check-in with their online app (and their soon to launch mobile app) as you complete your good deed.  You can find these feats by viewing the ones happening in the general stream, browsing existing feats or looking through their list of recommended feats.  These feats include everything from volunteering to exploring your political views to regularly reading the news. Each completed feat earns you points which you can use toward rewards, like Amazon gift cards or local restaurant deals.

We at Sunlight are happy to announce our partnership with DailyFeats to help users work toward a better government.  We’ve sponsored three feats you can do to make democracy work just a bit more effectively; these feats are !transparency, !crowdsourcing and !politicalpower.

Sunlight Foundation on DailyFeatsEach of these Sunlight Foundation sponsored feats include a number of actions you can complete to earn points.  The !transparency feat recommends using Influence Explorer to see who is influencing your elected officials or Clearspending to see where your tax dollars are going.  The !crowdsourcing feat recommends participating in either SuperPAC Sleuth or PublicMarkup to join other users in keeping an eye on government.  The !politicalpower feat recommends installing either our iPhone, Android or Windows applications to keep tabs on what your representative is doing right now.

Take a moment and check out our page on DailyFeats to get started.  Have any of you already started using DailyFeats? What are your thoughts?