Tools for Transparency: A Look at #TCamp11


TransparencyCamp logoIt’s almost been a week since the first day of TransparencyCamp and I want to take a look at some of the online tools that made it a success. These services made our lives a lot easier when planning TransparencyCamp, and thankfully, most of them are free and simple to navigate.


  • Twitter continues to be a great tool for note taking, posting questions, alerting attendees to event updates, contacting staff to notify them to problems and so on. You can still see TransparencyCamp related tweets if you search for the #tcamp11 hashtag.
  • We created our own TransparencyCamp mobile app that was accessible through smart phones.  Don’t have the resources to create your own? Check out services like Lanyrd.
  • Sunlight streamed opening and closing remarks and one session per time slot on the Livestream service, giving people at home a chance to follow sessions throughout the weekend.
  • Prior to TCamp11, attendees submitted and voted on session ideas using Google Moderator, which helped us figure out which sort of topics attendees would be interested in ahead of time.  It also gave possible presenters time to prepare and offered TCampers a more enriching experience.
  • If you hadn’t noticed during TCamp11, we used QR codes on both name badges and on the monitors to quickly connect attendees to important TransparencyCamp information.  Unfamiliar with QR codes? Read more here.
  • We used the wiki to document general TCamp and session info. Have notes? We’ve opened it back up (only for another week, due to security issues) so if you’ve got notes, links, or info to add, please have at it.
  • Want to test some of these out, build the open gov movement offline and have some fun while you’re at it? Host your own Sunlight Meetup.

What tools are we missing that we could have used? Do you have any thoughts?