TCamp: Looking Back and Looking Forward


It’s never too early to get nostalgic. Here at Sunlight HQ, we’re still buzzing about the incredible time we had with those of you who were able to join us for TransparencyCamp two weeks ago. We’ve been pumped to see your buzz, too (i.e. here and here) and plan to actively incorporating your feedback into our plans for our next Camp.

Of course, we need your feedback in order to use your feedback. So, if you got three minutes (or less) take our TCamp survey and share your thoughts on your experience with us! Just as we published the results of our last survey (which shaped TCamp ‘11), we’ll be open about the results with this one, too.

Whether or not you were able to join us for TCamp, you can still get a taste of the experience by checking out this quick recap video below. It’s a great window into the passion and energy we saw at the Camp and at the many diverse folks who are involved in our greater community (or, as Jesse Newburn says below, our “beautiful citizen uprising”):

But don’t think you have to travel all the way to DC to score the contagious collaboration of TCamp: Via our awesome new Organizing page (check it!), you can host your own open government Meetup event in the blink of an eye. Ever thought that open gov would be a great compliment to a happy hour, potluck, hackathon, BBQ or some other sort of gathering? (Flash mob, anyone?) Well, now’s your chance to make it happen.

If you decide to play host, let us know. We’re happy to help answer questions and support your awesome event-planning. Or, not the hosting type? Join our Meetup community and you’ll be notified when an event (or flash mob) pops up near you.