…Let’s go exploring!


Five and a half years and 1,800 blog posts ago I started work at the Sunlight Foundation. Tomorrow will be my last day. On Monday I’ll be joining the Washington Bureau of the Huffington Post to cover campaign finance.

Over the past five-plus years I’ve been given a great opportunity to work with such talented and interesting people at the Sunlight Foundation. This place isn’t a workplace so much as a family and, even though I’ll be one Metro stop away, I’ll miss everyone here.

As for you, the reader, it’s been an honor to write for you. You can continue to follow me at the Huffington Post, but don’t forget to keep reading Sunlight’s work, which I know will continue to be the primary place to get your transparency news.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Sunlight’s Executive Director Ellen Miller and Chairman Mike Klein. Ellen brought me on board Sunlight at the very beginning after I interned with her at Campaign for America’s Future’s Project for an Accountable Congress. Without the support of Ellen and Mike I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn and grow to get to the position I am at now.

It’s been real. Peace.