Two groups oppose soliciting for Super PAC scheme


Bob Kerrey and Warren Rudman, two former U.S. Senators who are now co-chairs of Americans for Campaign Reform, gave testimony almost a decade ago documenting how raising big soft money donations to political parties had a corrupting effect on lawmakers. The see a similar corrupting effect should the Federal Election Commission rule that federal candidates and party officials can raise unlimited contributions from any source for Super PACs. The Campaign Legal Center agrees, arguing that candidates for federal office and party committee officials are barred from raising funds not subject to the limits of the Federal Election Campaign Act. 

Both Americans for Campaign Reform and the Campaign Legal Center have weighed in against the fundraising plans of the Republican Super PAC, an organization co-founded by Citizens United attorney James Bopp Jr. that aims to enlist GOP politicians and party officials to direct donors to it. 

Perkins Coie, a firm that represents both Democratic Super PACs, the Democratic National Committee and President Barack Obama's reelection campaign, asked the FEC whether a 2002 ban on politicians raising soft money for party committees would prevent them raising money for Super PACs.