Yes, but will Bayh register?


The Center for Public Integrity’s iWatchNews reports that former Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., has a new gig working for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, traveling around the country with former George W. Bush chief of staff Andrew Card. Political Wire plays telephone with a Politico version of Public Integrity’s story, and ends up with the headline “Bayh to Become a Lobbyist.”

At Sunlight, we’ve argued that for all intents and purposes, Bayh, a “senior adviser with a role in public policy” for Apollo Group, along with quite a lengthy list of other former Washington officials, is a “non-lobbyist lobbyist,” defined here as someone who walks and quacks but does not register as a lobbyist. From what little information is available about the Chamber job, it appears Bayh won’t have to register for them either.

Reading over the memo from Tom Donahue, the Chamber of Commerce’s president and CEO, describing the role of Bayh and Card, it’s not clear that either will have to register as lobbyists. Donahue writes that the pair “will carry a bipartisan message on regulatory reform out around the country through a ‘road show’ of speeches, events, and media appearances at various local venues.” We called the Chamber of Commerce to ask if Bayh and his road show partner Card will register to lobby; we’ll update when we hear something.