Breaking: ThinkGeek Mystery Solved


Wow. That was…fast.

Not long after we posted this:

Do you know this monkey tamer? Help us identify this mystery man. #opengov#opendata#afternoon
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Others started to spread the word…

Hey @thinkgeek: Who’s this guy?
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And the word was heard:

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@SunFoundation @elle_mccann @kerryrm @LuigiMontanez Am I allowed to answer that? Seems kinda like cheating. (He’s flattered, btw.)
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Turns out, “Seth the Monkey Tamer” is actually named Seth. And, if @ThinkGeek is to be believed, this Seth fellow really does tame monkeys. Codemonkeys, that is. He’s also “a really nice, calm guy” which is probably a great asset in the world of monkey taming.

Seth, thanks for sharing the love of open government with geeks everywhere. We’re sorry we ever doubted your relationship with primates.

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