Palestinian lobbyists meet with key decision makers


The Palestine Liberation Organization recently filed their bi-annual lobbying documents that show outreach to top decision makers, media and academia, and list meetings with up and coming policy leaders.

Lobbyists met with Dan Shapiro of the National Security Council a few months before before President Obama appointed him to be the U.S. envoy to Israel.

The general delegation of the PLO to the U.S. also honored General James Mattis on December 2011 at an event hosted by the Ambassador of Yemen. The event took place before he was named U.S. Central Command, replacing General David Petraeus. 

Another dinner was hosted in honor of former dean of the White House press corps Helen Thomas at a reception at the Washington Marriott Wardin Park Hotel In November 2010. Thomas was forced to retire last summer after a controversy following comments she made about Israel.

In the last six-month reporting period, the PLO mission has spent $400,000 on its operations. Luncheons, invitations and receptions comprised about $11,000 of that total.

The PLO lobbyists also met with a group of Democratic members of Congress. Foreign Agents Registration Act records show meetings with Rep. Loretta Sanchez D-Calf., Rep. Shelley Berkley D-Nev., Sen. Bill Nelson D-Fla., Rep. Jerry Connolly D-Va., Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr. D-Ill., though, the details of these meetings were not disclosed.