The “Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act” Is Gaining Traction


More representatives have indicated their support of a bill that would enhance public oversight of government through the Internet. The Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act, originally sponsored by Rep. Mike Quigley, now has ten co-sponsors and is drawing increased attention in the House.

The legislation would create a website where the public could access electronic copies of congressionally mandated reports. The GPO, a legislative agency, would be responsible for posting these reports in a timely fashion, and because it already has a website to publish data, this addition should not be difficult for the GPO to handle. (For a more detailed description of what’s included in this bill, see our May blogpost.)

This bill is a perfect example of a non-partisan issue that can be easily reformed without reason for objection. As more representatives voice their support for this legislation, Congress will move closer to to providing greater transparency in government by using accessible technology.

In addition to Rep. Quigley, the bill’s co-sponsors are: Reps. Clay, Cooper, Cummings, Davis, Kind, Lynch, Maloney, Norton, Towns, and Yarmuth.

(Jacob Hutt contributed to this blogpost)