Influence Explored: Murdoch’s money and media influences politics the world over


An article in the Sydney Morning Herald today reports that the closure of News Corp’s News of the World tabloid will negatively impact chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch’s various business ventures.

News of the World is closing following revelations that its reporters illegally hacked into phones of celebrities, children, and disaster victims. The Scandal has prompted an investigation in the United Kingdom where News Corp is currently trying to take over the global satellite TV provider, BSkyB. The takeover will have to be approved by British regulators.

The article also said News Corp’s bid to run Australia’s state-run TV station is also much less likely to succeed following the scandal.

Murdoch also controls several news outlets in the United States, including Fox News Channel and the Wall Street Journal. Here’s a look at how Murdoch, his company, and its affiliates influence politics here in the U.S.

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