Sharron Angle’s campaign committee is biggest contributor to her Super PAC


A Super PAC launched by former U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle reported nearly $13,000 in contributions for the first six months of the year, with more than half — $7,500 — coming from Angle's campaign committee.

The $7,500 contribution was the only itemized receipt listed on the group's mid-year report, meaning that the rest — about $5,440 — came from donors who have contributed less than $200 so far this year.

While Super PACs, or independent-expenditure-only committees, are prohibited from contributing to federal candidates and committees, there is no rule against candidates or committees giving money to a Super PAC. Most political committees have strict limits on the sources and amounts of contributions they get, but Super PACs can receive contributions of unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations and labor unions.

The Super PAC (Our Voice PAC) and the campaign committeee (Friends of Sharron Angle) have the same treasurer, Will Rasavage.

Friends of Sharron Angle was formed in 2009 for her Senate run. Angle won the Republican nomination but lost the general election to Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, in November.

Earlier this year, Rasavage amended the FEC filing for Friends of Sharron Angle to indicate that she was running for Nevada's 2nd District House seat. That seat has been empty since earlier this year, when the congressman who held it, Dean Heller, was appointed to fill the Senate seat left open by the resignation of John Ensign. However, the state's Republican committee has chosen a different candidate to run for the House seat in a special election.