Taking Open Government to its source: The National Governors Association


Several months ago, we noticed a trend in states rolling back transparency legislation. Disturbed, we put up a campaign to call attention to it. In the months since then, here’s an update:

In Utah, Governor Gary Herbert made a call to repeal and replace HB477 and a working group comprising of journalists, the public and representatives from the governor’s office met to offer recommendations basing on 36 policy questions. The recommendations are currently being reviewed by the governor’s office. Meanwhile, in Maine, Governor Paul Lepage put on hold his plans to establish a business advisory council whose activities would be exempt from the state’s Freedom of Access Act.

But Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker went back on his promise of not keeping the public in the dark about their government.

AND we started learning about problems that were even more widespread. Fresh on the transparency rollback list are Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana and Washington State. This reinforces our desire to see even more transparency from our governors.

This week, we’ll be delivering the “Tell your governor to support open government” letter with your signatures to the National Governors Association to make sure every governor knows that transparency isn’t just a campaign promise — it’s fundamental to a healthy democracy.