Tell The WH How To Improve the Gov’ts Web Presence


Today at 4pm, the White House will host an online chat on how to improve the online experience with Federal websites. Although the event is being framed as a way to cut wasteful websites, it presents an opportunity to give useful feedback on what the government should be doing better online. The right people will be on the other end of the line: White House Director of Digital Strategy Macon Phillips, Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra, and Director of the GSA’s Center for Excellence in Digital Government Sheila Campbell.

There are some questions that we’d like answered:

  • Why isn’t more government data being published online automatically?
  • Why aren’t there more APIs?
  • Why isn’t more data available in bulk?
  • What’s being done to improve the quality of information published online, particularly with datasets?
  • Why do so many government websites look like they were designed in the mid-90s, and what’s being done to improve the user experience?
  • What’s next for the Open Government Directive?
  • Where’s all that lobbying and ethics information the president promised would be online?
  • If this effort is about cutting websites, what’s being done to make sure that public information isn’t taken offline?

You can ask your questions by filling out a form on, tweeting with the #dotgov hashtag, or going to the WH facebook page.

You can watch the chat at or using the WH facebook app at 4pm.

Update: Video from the chat is now available here.