Congress’s Library and Printing Committees’ Websites Go Offline


Policy Intern Jacob Hutt contributed to this post:

As part of our review of congressional committee websites on Monday, we singled out websites from Joint Committee on the Library and the Joint Committee on Printing for not being updated in years.

Those sites are no more. Roll Call reported yesterday that the Committee on House Administration has redirecting the JCP and JCL websites to the Committee on House Administration page. CHA and the Senate Rules Committee are jointly responsible for overseeing the work of these joint committees.

We hope that CHA and the Senate Rules Committee will reconfigure and relaunch the JCL and JCP websites. We also hope that the committees will show more signs of life. Their work is important: they should hold public hearings on how well the Government Printing Office and the Library of Congress are meeting the needs of Congress and the public.

For old time’s sake, let’s take one last look at the JCL and JCP websites as they existed a few days ago.