OpenSuperCongress: Debt Committee Must be Transparent


Sunlight is ramping up our effort to get the new “Super Congress” committee to be as transparent as they are powerful.

We have honed yesterday’s blog post into five requirements, and today we’re sending a letter (see below) to congressional leaders demanding a transparent process.  We’re inviting other organizations and individuals to support the effort, and so far CREW and have signed on.  Please visit our campaign page, and sign up to show your support.

Open government doesn’t happen automatically.  If the debt ceiling negotiations thus far haven’t lived up to your expectations, then it’s time to demand a better process.  And if you’ve got other ideas for how the process should be more open, we’d love to hear, and link to them.  POGO has a great post with more ideas for the “Super Congress” here.

Congress is clearly listening, as we’ve already seen one bill introduced with similar requirements — Senator Vitter introduced a real-time campaign finance transparency bill yesterday.  Please add your support and demand a transparent “Super Congress”.

Our five asks follow, and then the letter we’re sending congressional leaders today:

Five things that the Super Congress should post on its website:

  • Live webcasts of all official meetings and hearings
  • The Committee’s report should be posted for 72 hours before a final committee vote
  • Disclosure of every meeting held with lobbyists and other powerful interests
  • Disclosure of campaign contributions as they are received (on campaign sites, not the committee site)
  • Financial disclosures of Committee members and staffers

Sunlight Letter to Leadership on Super Committee 2011-08-03