Who’s watching the Super Committee?


A big audience turned out yesterday for the second meeting of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or the "super committee," as its 12 members asked questions of the first witness, CBO director Doug Elmendorf. The meeting was open to the public and there was live video on the committee's new website. 

While all the other cameras were focused on the committee members and witness, we turned ours 180 degrees to check out the crowd — and we want your help to identify the people keeping a close eye on this committee. Check out the photos below and the photos from last week's super committee organizational meeting and send an email to jhatch@sunlightfoundation.com if you recognize anyone. Please send a description of the person, who he or she is/works for and how you know (LinkedIn page, profile on company website, etc).

As we collect names, we'll verify them and update the post so you can see who's watching the super committee. As we've reported over the last several weeks, big donors to committee members have a stake in the outcome as the commitee works to quickly identify at least $1.2 trillion in federal budget cuts.

Thanks to being there, we were able to identify a few ourselves. We'll post more on that soon.

Here are the photos: