Super Committee Update


This past Friday, Sunlight Foundation joined by Public Citizen hosted a special conference call briefing our members and supporters on the “Super Committee.” Here’s what went down in case you missed the call (or you can listen to the audio below).

So far, the Committee has held two public meetings, with another one scheduled for Thursday (we’ll be covering it live at Tasked with the responsibility of cutting $1.5 trillion dollars from the national deficit, the “Super Committee” is a prime target for lobbying by wealthy special interests. Craig Holman, policy expert from Public Citizen, echoed those sentiments on the call and emphasized that, “This committee has unprecedented powers and unprecedented ties to special interest, and because of that it really does require unprecedented disclosures.”

A federal bill has been introduced that directly addresses these issues: H.R. 2860, the “Deficit Committee Transparency Act”. Tyler Wilson, a staffer from Representative David Loebsack’s office was on hand to provide an explanation of the bill which covers nearly all of the demands we have been pushing for. Despite the progress, Lisa Rosenberg from Sunlight Foundation reminded folks that “… great legislation, strong letters, media and direct lobbying aren’t enough.We need your help to let these Super Committee members know that transparency does matter.”

Here’s four simple ways to make your voice heard:

1. Join the campaign at

2. Share the campaign with your friends and ask them to join to fight for transparency

3. Write to your representative and ask them to cosponsor H.R.2860

4. Go to your local district office of your senators or representative (or all three!) and tell them that you demand transparency from the “supercommittee.” You can look up your district office and even print out a sheet to leave at your local office here.

Did you missed the call? Listen to the recording below, and keep your eyes peeled for the next actions in this campaign.

Conference Call on the Super Committee by Sunlight Foundation