Serial PAC Filer Floods FEC


From the man who brought Florida the Billionaire Josue Larose's Dating Women Committee, Josue Larose has filed the forms with the FEC to create 20 new super PACs. Clearly, there are few hurdles to creating a super PAC or multiple super PACs, that can then accept unlimited contributions. 

The PACs of Larose have broad-ranging themes: one is named the Hillary Clinton For A Better America Super PAC, while another is called George W Bush For A Better America Super PAC. George W. Bush cannot constitutionally seek another term in office, so it is unclear what the political motive of that PAC may be.

Other PAC names suggest that they represent employees of government agencies or represent customers of large corporations such as Wells Fargo and Costco.

In Florida, Larose ran as a write-in candidate for governor, where he garnered press attention for the 340 PACs and 40 political parties he created. He also ran for the U.S. Senate from Florida, winning 7 votes, according to the Sun Sentinel.

*Correction: The previous post stated 21 PACs. The correct number is 20.