Visualizing Similarities and Differences in the OGP Action Plans


On September 20, 2011 the Open Government Partnership launched with a series of meetings highlighting the transformative nature of open governance. So far, the eight governments that serve as the OGP Steering Committee have submitted their plans. These countries, representing a range of different cultures and histories, have come together in a tribute to the power and importance of transparent and accountable government.

The plans cover a variety of complex and important issues. We have created tag clouds based on the text of each plan that we hope will provide some insights into the similarities and differences between them. We realize that tag clouds only provide surface-level information, but in this case we found them to be a good way to start thinking about the plans.
As you would expect, some major commonalities include frequent uses of the terms government, data, and public. More interesting are some of the unexpected terms that show up, including poverty (Philippines), gender (Norway), and corruption (South Africa). Does anything else stand out to you?

US OGP Action Plan

UK OGP Action Plan

South Africa OGP Action Plan

Philippines OGP Action Plan

Norway OGP Action Plan

Mexico OGP Action Plan

Indonesia OGP Action Plan

Brazil OGP Action Plan

All tag clouds created using Tag Crowd.