2Day in #OpenGov 12/12/2011


Policy Fellow Matt Rumsey wrote this post.

Here is the week’s first look at transparency-related news items, congressional committee hearings, transparency-related bills introduced in Congress, and transparency-related events.

News Roundup:


  • Last year, the Obama administration pledged to strengthen regulations on for-profit colleges. The industry responded by spending $16 million to lobby their case. The result: the Department of Education produced a weak plan that is likely to have much less impact that the administration initially planned. (New York Times)
  • Former Representative and ambassador to India Tim Roemer (D-Ind.) joined public affairs firm APCO Worldwide as a senior vice president. (Roll Call $)
  • The controversial Keystone XL pipeline has seen its fair share of lobbying, according to Senate records. 42 lobbying firms, associations, and companies have registered to lobby on the issue since 2009. (The Hill)
Campaign Finance
  • Crossroads GPS, the outside group formed by Karl Rove, is preparing a $500,000 ad assault against Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), who is still deciding if he will run for a third term. (National Journal)
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) released a report detailing earmarks included in this year’s defense authorization bill. According to the report, the bill included 115 earmarks worth $834 million. (Washington Post)
  • A new poll shows that the majority of average Americans think members of Congress have low honesty and ethical standards. The poll ranks members of Congress below telemarketers and lobbyists. (Politico)

Relevant committee hearings scheduled for 12/12-12/16:


  • MF Global Bankruptcy. Financial Services. HVC-210, Capitol. 12/15, 1:00 pm. Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee hearing.
  • MF Global Bankruptcy. Committee on Agriculture. 216 HSOB. 12/13, 10:00 am. Full Committee Hearing.
  • Foreclosure Accountability and Transparency. Banking. 538 DSOB. 12/13, 2:30 pm. Housing, Transportation, and Community Development Subcommittee hearing.
  • Markup of the “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012”. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. 342 DSOB. 12/14, 10:00 am. Full Committee markup.
  • Physician Payments Sunshine Act. Aging. 562 DSOB. 12/15, 2:30 pm. Full Committee hearing.

Relevant bills introduced:

  • None.
Transparency events scheduled for 12/12-12/16:

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