Super PAC profile: Ron Paul Volunteers offers contributors’ protection program?


Lack of transparency can be a good thing, declares the treasurer of “Ron Paul Volunteers,” a Miami-based Super PAC he recently established in hopes of raising “in the low six figures” to help support Paul bid in Florida's Jan. 31 presidential primary.

“I think to a certain extent we have an entrenched political establishment that for the most part has a clear punishment and reward system,” treasurer Hector Roos told Sunlight in an interview. “If you are going to put money out there against a candidate it might hurt you immediately in the public light or when it comes up in regards to business.”

Roos, a fervent Paul supporter, in December blogged in the Daily Paul “You too can form a Super PAC,” and urges others to follow his lead. He writes here how he gave up a job offer in Puerto Rico to devote himself entirely to the campaign, and asks for contributions to defray his expenses. (According to the widget he set up, so far he's collected nothing.)

Roos said he didn't have "permission" to release information on how much money the organization had collected to date, or the names of other individuals associated with the PAC. However, at a kick off event for the new group, formed in December, other speakers included Marcus Rivchin, who is running for a seat in the state legislature, and Peter Santa Maria, identified as a member of the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee. Martin Bermudez is listed as assistant treasurer for the group.

The PAC, which has not yet reported spending any money, has held fundraisers like this December meet and greet.

Roos' Facebook profile is public here and his Twitter feed is here.

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