Influence of Super PACs Dominate Conversation in the New Year


Last week Sunlight kicked off the new year with a slew of fresh reporting on the influence of Super PACs in the busy Republican primaries. Be sure to check in on our new Super PAC cheat sheet for updated reports on who is supporting or opposing candidates.

Keenan Steiner took an early tally of Super PAC spending after the Iowa caucus and found at least $13.1 million doled out by many groups run by former aides of candidates who won’t have to reveal their donors until January 31st. Sunlight’s Lindsay Young profiled the pro-Santorum Red White and Blue PAC while Bill Allison checked out a pop-up PAC called Leaders for Families that was created a week before the Iowa caucus and will likely close-up shop. Follow all our Reporting coverage on Super PACs here.

Sunlight’s Super PAC coverage earned the attention of a number of major media outlets including NPR, the San Francisco Chronicle and the following segment on the PBS Newshour:

Watch Are Super PACs Living Up to Supreme Court’s Intentions? on PBS.