Super PAC profile: Obama supported by Priorities USA Action


Priorities USA Action defines its mission as "committed to the reelection of President Obama." The group is currently opposing Mitt Romney with media ad buys.

The following ad uses Romney quotes, mostly out of context, and the tone of an apocalyptic movie trailer to suggest that a Romney presidency that "is not a pretty picture."

The people behind Priorities USA Action are well connected to Obama and the Democratic party. The political strategist for the organization, Bill Burton, formerly served as the president's deputy White House press secretary. Before that, he was a spokesman for Obama's 2008 campagn.

Priorities did not return our requests for information, but others involved with the group include:

In the mere month following its registration with the FEC in April 2011, Priorities USA Action had already received sizeable donations from media interests and unions, including a $2 million donation from Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks CEO, in May of the same year and $50,000 the following month from Jeffery Abrams, the producer of the hit TV series Lost. Fred Eychaner, a Chicago millionaire and director of Newsweb Corp., gave $500,000 in April 2011. SEIU, the service employees union, donated $500,000 to Priorities USA Action in May of 2011.

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