A Note About SOPA/PIPA


Since you’re reading this, it seems safe to say that you know we haven’t taken our sites dark today. Like many, we find SOPA and PIPA concerning. As we’ve noted before, these bills are antithetical to the idea of a free and open internet—an idea that our work relies upon. We think it’s in everyone’s interest to make sure that this legislation doesn’t pass.

But a big part of Sunlight’s mission is connecting the tech community with the world of political advocacy. And today, of all days, didn’t seem like a good time to go offline. In fact, it’s been thrilling to see tools like our mobile apps being used for anti-SOPA advocacy, and our APIs being used to power the activism of sites around the net.

Although some of the most troubling provisions of SOPA and PIPA are being reconsidered, there’s still plenty of reason to worry about these bills. If you’re similarly concerned, our friends at OpenCongress have a number of suggestions for how to make your voice heard.