Tools for Transparency: 10 Sunlight Foundation IFTTT Recipes


In July, I wrote about a recently launched service called “If This Then That”, This services helps you automate certain aspects of online life, like sending you emails based on Twitter interactions or posting links to your Facebook wall from your LinkedIn account.


Recently, IFTTT added a new feature called Recipes, which allows you to share your automations with everyone else. You can sort the recipes by type as well as by popularity — how new or how ‘hot’ it is.

I have added ten Sunlight Foundation related recipes to IFTTT to help you automate and share Sunlight-related content and events. You can see them below:

I don’t want to inundate you with Sunlight recipes, so I’ll stop at 10. Let me know how these work for you and if you have other ideas for recipes I could create. If you have your own you would like to share, please the recipe with a link in the comments.